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New Facebook Searching Features Just Released This Week

Facebook is releasing NEW searching features that will take your business to another level because they will make it easier for everyone to connect with the best prospects.  I'll go over them during Saturday's live workshop.

Here are 3 big reasons people fail in business.

 * They do not believe it?s possible to grow.
 * They do not have the skills they need.
 * They do not have enough prospective customers every single day!!
That has all changed.
With an endless source of leads; a simple way to filter out perfect prospects by gender, location, profession, age group, personal interests, and so much more; and proven ad messages to qualify and close them; there is no reason why everyone can't be successful in their chosen business.
Technology has changed how you communicate.
Technology has changed how you do business.
IF you do not embrace technology, a year from now you will wish you did.
During Saturday's workshop, you can learn NEW WAYS to Build a Local or an International Business On Facebook In Less Than An Hour A Day.

Click here to register for my upcoming workshop.
During this live workshop, I will demonstrate:
 - How to grow your business locally, nationally and internationally on Facebook, using their latest features and applications that produce immediate results.
 - How to make sales every day in less than an hour on any mobile device.
 - How to transform your loyal customers into excited referral-producing customers.
 - How to exclude time-wasters and tire-kickers.
Attending this workshop will help you build your business on any budget.
This workshop will lay the groundwork for easier and faster success in your business throughout 2014. Just think about how much you can grow your business this year while making sales daily.
Register today and watch your bottom line SOAR while your competition is scratching their heads wondering how you're doing it.
Time for action!

Click here to register for my upcoming workshop.

See you soon,

Edison Guzman

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