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Why You Need the Hudson Valley Business Academy

If you've ever attended a workshop, seminar, webinar, or more in-depth program such as the Entrepreneurial Assistance Program, then you know that there's always more to whatever you learn about.

Over the years, I have developed  business curriculum for New York State, Chambers of Commerce, BOCES, local colleges, and hosted private workshops and Webinars. Although I get great testimonials and attendees implement some of what they've learned, there's always something more to teach.

Let's take the EAP program taught at the Orange County Chamber of Commerce, for instance. That is a 60 hour program that helps individuals start or grow their business. It really goes deep in many aspects of business. You are taught and inspired by 15 different experts on all aspects of running a business.

It's a powerful program, and I teach 4 sessions that deal with traditional and digital marketing. An insurance broker teaches about having the right business insurance. A banker discusses business funding; the business planner discusses all aspects of creating a business plan, and so on.

So why start yet another instructional institution? Because there's always so much more. We're all giving you what you need to make a difference in your life and we know that there's more.

My dream for the Hudson Valley Business Institute is to help you, the business owner, delve deeper into each subject matter. My part in the education process, for instance is to show you, screen by screen how to set up your web site and answer any question you may ask while we're going through the process.

Online workshops such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, Traditional Marketing Strategies, and more, will be covered in more depth than ever before.

In other words, the Hudson Valley Business Academy starts where other workshops and seminars leave off.

You can attend a Webinar on how to use use email marketing to grow your business, and you'll get great information.

But how do you actually do it?

You can learn the "what," "where" and "why" everywhere else, then attend a workshop at the Hudson Valley Business Academy and discover the "how."

One part about it that I'm very proud of, is that you can access most of the live workshops online as long as you have a tablet, laptop or desktop with Internet access. You can even use a smart phone, but the screen may be too small for some workshops.

Tuition for each workshop is low, so it will not break the budget. Another great part is that you can have your employees attend, and they will learn how to help your business grow faster and easier with the least amount of disruption to their day. Each workshop is 90 to 120 minutes, and there is no travel time.

Discover why you should attend our upcoming workshops at

All of our workshops are a great compliment to the EAP program. So much so, that when you register to attend the EAP program at the Orange County Chamber of Commerce, you'll get free access to the next three months of workshops at the Hudson Valley Business Academy.

Simply register for the class at, and let me know that you did so, when I meet you in class. I will will immediately give you access to the next three months of online workshops.

To your continued success...

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