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Is Your Web Designer MIA?

As an ad agency that primarily deals with Web Design and Internet Marketing, we get many new customers throughout the year. We can help most prospective customers, however, there are a few that we have chosen not to help because we can't handle the volume.

I call these types of prospective customers...web site orphans.

I call them that because those are the business owners who hired a web designer that has abandoned them. The reality about my industry is that there are many people who set out to become great web designers, but run into trouble quickly and close their business.

They close their business for many reasons, and the biggest impact is on the small business owner. They are the ones who suffer the most.

Fortunately for our clients, we maintain their web sites, but our firm does not maintain web sites that have been designed by someone else. One of the biggest reasons is because many web developers design web sites poorly and it would be time consuming for us to trouble shoot, figure out their code, and update any issues such as outdated, unsecured code.

This time consuming service can cost the business owner thousands of dollars.

Instead, we offer to redesign the entire web site with up to date, secured, responsive code that works best with today's devices.

This is a great investment, but can cut deep into some business owner's budgets.

For this reason, we've created a solution that I'm sure you'll agree is the best solution for most business owners and anyone wanting to help the business business owner.

The solution is simple.

I call it the Web Site Design Mastery Weekend, which is a 2 day workshop that will show you how to build and easily maintain a web site using the worlds most popular and easy-to-use content management system, Wordpress.

You can see all the details at

The step-by-step wordpress training will show you everything you need to know to create a professional web site for your business. A web site that you can be proud of and that may increase your revenue without sacrificing your budget.

This is a 2 day course held on Saturday, October 18 and Sunday, October 19, 2014. Each day from 9am to 6pm.

Every session will be in person and you will be able to ask any question you need in order to create a professional web site for yourself or your business. We will cover everything from A-Z so that you leave there with no questions left unanswered.

This is perfect for you if:

You will leave the workshop with the knowledge of building a fully working web site using WordPress.

Once you've attended the workshop, you will have total control of your newly developed web site and will never have to worry about hiring someone to maintain it. If you do insist on hiring someone, it'll be easier to do because many web masters know how to use Wordpress. Your options are now limitless and you are no longer a slave to your existing web site's outdated technology.

Click here to register now securely online for this valuable workshop. Or please call (845) 469-4919 if you have any questions.

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