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What's Your Wheelchair?

Since about September of 2013, I've had the privilege of helping a client of SCORE find a way to supplement her income. She was diligent in completing my assignments, and rarely (if ever) missed a scheduled face-to-face consultation.

After extensive pondering on my client's behalf, of what product or service she could offer in exchange for revenue, she realized that the best value and greatest gift she can share is the gift of motivation and inspiration. Simply, because she lives it.

You see, my client, Amy Alexander had a car accident at the age of twenty-one that paralyzed her from the shoulders down, instantly ripping the carpet of her life out from under her. She had lost control of the basic things most people take for granted ? walking, trunk balance, finger movement, basic internal body functions and all the secondary physical, mental, emotional and social issues that comes with it.

That was over almost twenty years ago. Now, Amy has parlayed her belief in life into becoming an inspirational writer to remind us of our gift of choice and our individual personal power when we consciously apply that gift to our lives.

She has written a book titled "What's Your Wheelchair," and the stories within this book will inspire you to shed the wheelchair you?re using to hold you back from achieving your dreams.

This book is a must read for you and everyone you care about. Especially business owners who want to be inspired to continue on their quest for business greatness.

The book is full of great stories that I'm sure you'll love and you'll see why I believe that Amy Alexander is an example of what can be accomplished with courage, focus and dedication.

When you click on the link below and get her book from Amazon, you'll do two things:

1) You'll be inspired, intrigued and entertained with her stories. (As I was.)

2) You'll support Amy's dream to supplement her income and spread her message.

Click on the image to the left, or link below and see why "What's Your Wheelchair" is one of the best books you'll read this year. You may even want to get an extra copy for your best friend.

What's Your Wheelchair?

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