Advertising is broken down into five responsibilities-each emphasis on importance depends on your business and your philosophy.

They are:

  • Planning (What to advertise, where, when, how, and with what frequency)
  • Creation (Type of information to be conveyed and how)
  • Production (Putting it all together for maximum result)
  • Research (Learning where to advertise, what to say and how to say it-depending on current trends-for maximum market penetration)
  • Follow through (Necessary to close more sales and decrease your advertising expense ratio)

How do you create advertising that sells?

Creating advertising that sells is a thrilling, creative, professional exercise. It takes years of experience and trial and error to master the art of profitable advertising. However, despite the experience, testing and thousands of dollars spent on advertising, most business owners still do not employ the three requirements of all successful advertising. These three requirements are:

  • The ad must be interesting, or it will not be read by your prospect.
  • Your ad must be persuasive, or it will not meet its selling role.
  • Your ad must communicate with perfect clarity. It must do so quickly and effortlessly by your prospective reader, or it may never be read-no matter how interesting and persuasive the message is designed to be.

You must first understand each of these three requirements before attempting to spend another dime on advertising. Doing otherwise will guarantee an expense which will lack a profitable return.

Why hire an advertising agency?

You should hire an ad agency when you are ready to advertise or you realize that your current advertising campaign is not giving you the maximum result per invested dollar. With today’s high advertising cost, it is imperative to utilize advertising that sells. If your current advertising is not producing at least twice the amount of revenue per investment, there are two factors to consider:

  • You are not targeting the right audience. (You’re using the wrong advertising medium)
  • Your advertising is not enticing the reader to respond. (You’re not giving them enough incentive to respond.)

A properly targeted advertising campaign, whether it is newspaper, magazine, yellow pages, direct mail, Internet and/or billboard, should always have a call to action. The main purpose of advertising is to sell your product or service. Nothing more-nothing less.

Why choose A&E?

A&E will ensure the highest response possible by utilizing all previously proven advertising techniques we’ve learned through our studies, experience, trial and error and many thousands of dollars in advertising campaigns throughout the years.

We will give you immediate, measurable and profitable results-guaranteed.

Most importantly, advertising must be tied in to marketing, which ties in to all strategies utilized to grow your business. One avenue alone will not meet your revenue requirements. Many avenues for revenue however, will grow your business exponentially.